Top Goat Breeds

Goats are used for milk and meat production for personal or commercial usage. In this, we will discuss top goat breeds which you need either to start goat farming or for pet keeping. There are an estimated one hundred sixty-four pure blood goats breeds in the world. This means goat has a lot of flavor in the commercial market based on regions. Some goats are region and geographically limited to locations because of their sensitivity to the environment.

Such as ibex, which cannot survive without mountains. For special goat breeds, farmers need to apply for a license against them to farm. Because some goats consider as wild animals (ibex) which can harm other people.

The main purpose of goat breeds is to provide milk, meat, fiber, wool, and skin for commercial usage. In other purpose, people use to keep goats as a pet or for the circus as entertainment animal.

Goat Breeds

Sr. No Name Region Purpose Details
1 Rajan Puri Goat Punjab, Pakistan Meat, Milk, Skin Read more
2 Barbari Goat Punjab, Pakistan | India Meat, Milk, Skin Read more
3 Nachi Goat (Dancing Goat) Punjab, Pakistan | India Meat, Milk, Skin, Entertainment Read more
4 Kamori Goat Sindh, Pakistan Meat, Milk, Skin Read more
5 Alpine Goat France | America Meat, Milk, Skin Read more
6 Angora Goat (Fiber Goat) Turkey Meat, Milk, Skin, Fiber Read more
7 Boer Goat South Africa Meat, Milk, Skin Read more


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