How to Raise Goats

You may be wondering how to raise goats? Goats are raised for commercial or personal use. Goats are considered a commercially positive animal. Among Muslims, the goat is considered a very dear animal because it has been the profession of all Muslim prophets. Raising and handling goats is considered to be a very useful and preferred practice. Most people in Pakistan keep goats for hobby.

Goats can be benefited in two ways, first by getting their milk and second by getting their meat. Goat meat is low fat so there is a huge increase in demand. Most of the fertilizers are made from goat waste and used in agriculture.

How to raise goats

If you have a small garden in your home, you can easily keep a goat and use its waste to fertilize your garden. If you consider all these benefits, you will know that there is no harm in raising goats.

In Pakistan, goats are also called the cow of the poor. It is clear from this idiom that the people of Pakistan consider a goat to be a useful animal which can be equal to a cow.

Goat purchase

A few years ago, one only had to go to the market to buy a goat. Which was held only in certain cities. Even today, goats are traded in Pakistan through markets. But now in this modern age the market has also come online and you can also trade online. A good example of this is

Whenever you choose a goat, keep in mind that you are choosing a goat for meat or for milk. A goat may have one trait at a time or it may produce more milk or it may give more meat.

If you want to get both in one goat at a time, you have to choose crossbreed. At Crossbreed you can find goats that provide adequate amounts of milk and meat.

If you are choosing a goat for your hobby or for home use, then there is no need to look for any features in it. Because it’s your hobby and you choose the one that suits your heart.

But if you are choosing a goat for commercial purposes, the following things must be considered.

  • The goat should be tall
  • The body of a goat should be long
  • The age of the goat should not be too much. At the time of maximum selection, the
  • Goat should be two years old
  • Goat’s teats should be equal and not too big or too small
  • What breed of goat should be and should not be crossbred at all
  • The hip bone of the goat should be thick and fleshy
  • Goat’s ribs should not be visible
  • Toenails should be even
  • Immunizations should be given
  • Must be healthy as well as beautiful
  • Goat ears should have long and short horns

Goat food

A common rule for goats is that you feed your goats warm food. Such as barley porridge, etc. In addition, green fodder, dry fodder and yeast fodder are used in goat feed.

Green fodder

  • Millet fodder
  • Corn fodder
  • Sugarcane fodder
  • LUCERNE¬†fodder

Dry fodder

  • LUCERNE hay fodder

Yeast fodder

  • Millet silage
  • Corn silage
  • Sugarcane silage

In addition, commodities are used for energy. Such as corn, wheat, wheat bran, rice bran, rice polish, black gram, mustard, etc.

Consumption of fodder per day for goats

Fodder Consumption
Millet green fodder 5-6 KG
Millet yeast fodder (silage) 1.5-2.5 KG
Corn green fodder 5-6 KG
Corn yeast fodder (silage) 1.5-2.5 KG
Sugarcane green fodder 5-6 KG
Sugarcane yeast fodder (silage) 1.5-2.5 KG
LUCERNE green fodder 5-6 KG
LUCERNE hay dry fodder 2-2.5 KG

Grain meal (wanda) for meat and milk

Grain Consumption
Corn 30%
Wheat 30%
Wheat bran 10%
Rice bran 10%
Rice polish 5%
Black gram 10%
Mustard or (Oil Cake) Khal banola (for dairy animals only) 5%


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