pomeranian dog breed

The Pomeranian is a cheeky, lively, and highly intelligent Nordic dog who makes a wonderful family pet. He is one of the most well-liked toy breeds in the entire globe because to his happy, foxy face and vibrant disposition.


The Pomeranian is curious, outspoken, and vivacious.


Despite having a diminutive body, the Pomeranian displays a domineering temperament befitting a large dog. They make excellent watchdogs since they are perceptive and intelligent. Additionally, they are simple to train and quickly pick up games and tricks.

Pomeranians are an energetic breed despite their love of becoming lap dogs. Most of them enjoy playing indoors and taking brief walks, which makes them perfect dogs for either the city or the suburbs.

Poms are infamous for slipping through tiny gaps in fencing or even scaling short fences to get away.

They excel at sports like agility, rally, and obedience because of their intelligence and activity. They are also great therapy dogs.


12 to 16 years

Colour Collection

The Pomeranian’s coat comes in a variety of hues, including beaver, black, blue, blue merle, chocolate, cream, orange, red, and white, either alone or in combinations. It is, however, most frequently observed in orange or red.

Hair fall

One of a Pomeranian’s most distinctive features is its double coat, which needs to be brushed frequently. Despite having a luxurious coat, they do not shed a lot.


The majority of Pomeranians are healthy, but keep an eye out for symptoms of luxating patella (out-of-place kneecaps), hypothyroidism, collapsing tracheas, congestive heart failure, seizure, and alopecia X.

Breed History

The Pomeranian is a miniature version of the strong Artic sled dogs. The smallest of these sled or “spitz” dogs is the Pom, also known as the Zwergspitz.

After bringing one back from Italy, Queen Victoria developed such a love for the breed that she started breeding them. She is also given credit for shrinking the Pom.

The likes of Marie Antoinette, Emile Zola, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are some more well-known historical figures that adored Pomeranians.


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