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Healthy Goat Feed

Healthy Goat Feed for Pakistani Goat Breeds

When you start a herd of goats, you'll know the goats need some experience to feed them properly, or some good goat feed is...
Barbari Goat PkFarmer

Barbari Goat Breed: Characteristics, Feeding, Breeding, Care

Barbari goat breed name derives from its source place "Berbera" situated in India. It is commonly found in the Punjab and Sindh districts of...
Rajan Puri Goat PKFarmer

Rajan Puri Goat Breed: Characteristics, Feeding, Breeding, Care

Rajan puri goat also referred to as Beetal breed goat or Nukra bakra. The region of their existence is the Punjab of India and...
Agriculture in Pakistan

Agriculture in Pakistan

Pakistan is listed under those countries which are purely based on agriculture. Thus agriculture in Pakistan is the backbone of the economy and holds...

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