Newfoundland Dog Breed

One of the biggest dog breeds in the world, the Newfoundland is sometimes known as “Newf” or “Newfie.” He is a friendly giant who enjoys interacting with people.


Because of their sweetness, friendliness, and intelligence, Newfoundlands are simple to teach. They are ideal for families with young children because of their patience and devotion. In fact, the breed has gained the moniker “nanny dog” due to its compassion with youngsters.

Although they are a low-energy breed, Newfs nevertheless require daily exercise. They appreciate activities that they can do with their favourite people, such as swimming, hiking, and long walks. Due to the breed’s size, early and persistent socialisation and training are essential to the development of a well-behaved Newfie.


The Newf is a powerful, well-boned, and versatile working dog. He has partially webbed paws, is a proficient swimmer, and is predisposed to save lives. He is shielded from the chilly waters of cooler climates by his thick, fluffy coat.


9 to 10 years

Colour Collection

Gray, brown, black and white, and white are typical Newfoundland hues.

Hair fall

Newfoundlands shed on average. They typically shed twice a year, in the spring and the fall. During these seasons, daily brushing might assist get rid of the loose hair. The rest of the year, once a week brushing will be plenty.


It’s crucial to keep a Newfie’s ears clean because they could be susceptible to infection. Elbow and hip dysplasia may be more common among Newfies. There is also a danger of heart disease and kidney stones.

To provide the healthiest breed possible, responsible breeders check for these issues.

Breed History

Newfoundlands are strong enough to pull a drowning adult man to safety since they are excellent swimmers. On Canadian fishing boats, the breed was once used as a working dog that could do emergency water rescues.

When not hauling in large fishing nets and transporting the load to market, Newfs saved fishermen who had fallen overboard.

After some time, the breed was introduced to England, where it quickly gained popularity. As a result, the majority of Newfoundland dogs, including purebreds, are of English ancestry.

These days, Newfies spend their time either as family pets or working as rescue dogs.


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