Mulching Sheet or Mulching Paper

Mulching sheet or mulching paper is an advanced technology used in agriculture. Not only is it used in agriculture but it is also used in greenhouses. With this you can save your crop from many losses. If you use mulching sheets or mulching paper in your crop, you can prevent major damage to your crop. And you can get rid of unwanted weeds without any chemicals.

It is available at very cheap prices. Which you can use in your land. And you can improve the cultivation of your crop. It is found in black and white. But it is much more popular in black. The benefits of black color increase. If you want to plant a crop that needs high temperature, you can control the temperature with the help of this mulching sheet or mulching paper. In winter it is used for tunnel farming.

How to use

  • To use it, you must first build a tunnel on your land
  • Then spread this mulching sheet or mulching paper on the ground
  • Then drill holes in the mulching sheet or mulching paper as needed
  • You can sow your crop in these holes

Profitable points

  • Weeds do not come from the ground
  • Completely removes weeds
  • Keeps the earth soft and strong
  • Maintains the temperature of the earth
  • Protects the crop from the poor and animals
  • Effective in good crop production


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