Kamori Goat Breed

Kamori goat is a dairy breed goat native to the Sindh province of Pakistan. It is a beautiful, rare, and popular breed of goat. Nawabshah, Larkana, and Hyderabad are famous cities for the availability of Kamori goat. The main reason for its popularity is its delicate appearance and good milk yield.

Kamori goats provide premium quality meat. These goats are rigid enough to survive all climate changes. Their house should have proper shade. These shades should design to have well enough space, ventilation, and hygiene. Here are the characteristics and review of the properties of Kamori goat.


Kamori goats have distinctive body structure, long neck, and ears. Their body colour is unique. They can characterize quickly because of their individuality. This is a medium to the sizeable body-sized animal. Kamori goats have a very distinctive coat colour that is dark brown. They have tiny coffee-coloured or dark patches over their whole body. The goat of this breed has well-developed udder and perfect conical teats. Both Bucks and does have horns. On average the bucks and does weight is 60 kg and 50 kg respectively.


Kamori goats have a curious nature, so they love to graze in an open place. They fed with Stall feed. The seasonal green fodder is also suitable for nourishing. Barley, cottonseed cake, and wheat bran with 250 mg portion of each should provide daily—standard salt blocks for licking. The vaccination of goats should regularly perform as per schedule. This is a fight against various contagious diseases.


Kamori goats are first kidding starts at the age of 17-18 months. Natural breeding practices at their place. When mated, they get pregnant. Their gestation period is around 4-5 months. The kidding interval of Kamori goat is 7-12 months. Moreover, the Lactation length is about four months (112 days) milk yield per lactation is 1.8-2 kg.

Hybrid Kamori Goat: As the purebred Kamori goat is very expensive because of its uniqueness in colour and appearance. So this can be handle by performing crossbreed. Patairee goats that are also available in Sindh can be crossbred with Kamori goat. The results are astonishing. This hybrid Kamori goat is also beautiful in appearance and colour, and less expensive.

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  • For the healthy development of pregnant goat dry her off before 6-8 weeks of delivery and take her to clean room cover with straw on a floor before 15 days of expecting a kid.
  • For newborn care, clean the ears, nostrils, and face with the help of cotton or tissue and remove the placental membrane. Now for the cleanliness of udder of goat use texture iodine then let the kid drink his first feed through mother after 30 minutes of birth.
  • Neem water is used to clean the room. Goat is served with sugary water. Moreover, hot feed is also served, which consist of ginger, salt, metal sawdust, and sugar.

Disease and Cure

Enterotoxaemia: This is also an overeating disease. The signs are loss of appetite, high temperature, convulsions, or death.    

Cure: Yearly booster vaccination is given to avoid it. Antitoxins of D and C type are given to treat this condition. 

Acidosis: It is mostly caused due to overeating of dense food. The symptoms are Teeth grinding, muscle trembling and substantial feelings.

Cure: Stop overfeeding and give soda bicarbonate (2-3 oz) to treat this disease.

Pregnancy toxemia: It is a metabolic disease. The signs are loss of appetite, sweet-smelling breath, laziness. 

Cure: Propylene glycol is given twice a day along with water and sodium bicarbonate will help to treat toxemia.

Pneumonia: It creates illness on the lungs, and the signs are respiratory problems and fever.

Cure: Certain antibiotics are given to cure disease.

Breed Kamori Goat
Area Sindh province of Pakistan
Breed Purpose Milk and Meat
Colour Dark brown coat colour with coffee-coloured patches
Size Large-sized animal
Horns yes
climate tolerance All climate
Adult Buck Weight (kg) 60
Adult doe Weight 50
Reproduction age (months) 17-18
Gestation Period (months) 4-5
Birth Weight(kg) 2.5-3
Milk Yield/d (kg) 1.8-2
Lactation Length (days) 112


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