How to Breed Pigeons Faster

If you breed pigeons, you might be looking for strategies to hasten the birth of your birds’ young. We will look at some breeding strategies that frequently lead to greater reproductive rates in this post.

In conclusion, making sure that every aspect of your pigeons’ environment is favourable to mating will help them reproduce more quickly.

Living Environment

Your pigeon will feel secure and comfortable if you purchase a safe pigeon loft.

If your pigeon loft is mostly composed of chicken wire, cats and other predators will be able to look inside, which may unnerve the birds and perhaps disrupt their breeding and laying cycles.

The following characteristics of a good pigeon coop that promotes a rapid breeding rate are necessary:

  • For your pigeons to feel safe and comfortable, the coop should have at least one area where predators cannot look inside.
  • Shelter: If part of your coop is exposed to the wind, make sure that portion provides some degree of weather protection.
  • Suitable nesting materials are readily available, and if you want your pigeons to lay eggs more frequently, you should also provide them with good nesting materials. Because they are anti-parasitic, tobacco stalks are regarded as one of the greatest materials for pigeon nests.

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Healthy Pigeon Food

Your pigeons will stay strong, healthy, and prepared to mate and lay eggs if you feed them high-quality food. Your best option is a bird-seed blend made exclusively for pigeons.

Occasionally including sprouted seeds in your pigeon’s diet can be beneficial. Your pigeon’s diet should also include some grains in addition to seeds.

Pigeon Pairing

Pigeons are lifelong partners, therefore they prefer to take their time getting to know possible partners. It can take a day, a week, or even a month for pigeons to pair up.

How to Breed Pigeons Faster

We suggest giving two pigeons that you wish to pair their own private cage so they can take their time getting to know one another. Give them a nice and fully equipped home, as in step one, and this may (but is not certain to) hasten the courtship.

Pigeon Egg Laying

Pigeons are capable of producing up to 24 eggs per year, however, the majority of female pigeons produce less. They will produce one to three eggs throughout each cycle. Pigeons typically don’t lay more than one egg if they aren’t partnered.

How to Breed Pigeons Faster

Pigeons that are paired nearly always lay two eggs, but occasionally lay three. Four eggs being laid by a pigeon is exceedingly uncommon, yet it has been known to happen. 12 cycles of two eggs each equal 24 eggs in a year.

If your pigeon is laying this many eggs, it is unlikely that altering their surroundings or diet will have any effect on accelerating their rate of reproduction because they are physically incapable of doing so.


Pigeons breed very rapidly and easily when compared to other birds, but sometimes there isn’t much you can do to increase that breeding rate.

You can give them the finest breeding environment possible by giving them a safe, protected coop, giving them time to properly pair up, and making sure they have high-quality nutrition.


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