Grow Hydroponic Fodder

Hydroponic fodder is homegrown fodder for you cattle, goats and chickens. If you have domestic animals and you feed them grass by purchasing from stores or other farmers, it cost you a fair amount each month. People think they can’t grow grass until they don’t have acres or ample land to farm. If you apply Hydroponic Farming principles, you can grow hydroponic fodder at home or backyard within a week or so, depends on the fodder.

Feed Green fodder is essential for livestock, but the availability of greenery is not possible in all regions. Like mountainy & dessert areas are concise over green fooder and water supply. After technology involved in agriculture, greenhouse system introduced. With the help of the greenhouse system, we can grow un-seasonal crops quickly by providing artificial light and other essentials on exact time according to crops requirement. We use the same principle over hydroponic fodder with slightly changes.

Why Hydroponic Fodder

It provides you with the most nutrient green fodder for your animals with high-cost efficiency. It also not involve soil, by which minerals not extracted under the ground. When you harvest, you also get the root components which you can’t get on farming same crop undersoil, which contain more nutrient for your animal. If you feed fodder produced from hydroponic versus farm-grown, you will observe health, production and growth of your animals in days.

If you use this fodder for your dairy animals, you can observe sweetness in milk, the colour of milk turn more white, the aroma in milk smell. It keeps the animal digestive system healthy, due to which fewer diseases produced. These fodders are not grown with any fertilizer or parasites; that’s why they are not harmful to your animals in any means. You could grow hydroponic fodder from 5 to 9 days for all crops if ideal conditions met.

Hydroponic Fodder Essentials

In hydroponic fodder, we don’t need soil to grow grass, as stated in Hydroponic Farming principles. We need a place, some trays and watering system. Because hydroponic fodder system is temperature-sensitive, some crops need more temperature, and some need less. If we don’t care about the temperature, the result will be scrap only.

Grow Hydroponic Fodder (Barley)

We will get started with the barley hydroponic experiment, to visualize each step very closely to get proper understanding. The whole process consists of 5 steps to produced fodder.

  1. Clean seed
  2. Soak
  3. Germination
  4. Watering
  5. Harvest

Clean Seed

The complete and proper seed is must to have before starting the fodder process if you pick up any broken seed then it will catch up with bacteria and scrap your whole tray of barley. We need high-quality seed, which is either not preserved with chemicals or not broken in any mean. Low-quality seed turns into the black after germination and during watering create works in it. On the time of harvest, you will get blacked moulded roots with worms in it, having a bad smell. So be careful over your selection.

Hydroponic Fodder Issues

Note: You can observe in this image that some seeds are black. Two major reasons due to which it happens. So clean seeds properly.

  1. Broken Seeds
  2. Heat Issues

Soaking Seed

This is a process to dip your seeds underwater for a good time, in case of barley we will use 6 hours soaking of seeds. You just need to take a bowl in which you can fill up water and dip your seeds in that bowl for least 6 and max 8 hours. Timing is very important in soaking, do not over soak your seeds (barley), it can also become the cause of bacteria in your fodder. Also, use clean water, don’t add any kind of chemical to clean water, it will dead your seeds.

Hydroponic Fodder Soak Barley


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