How to Grow Green Chillies

Here is a quick primer guide for you that will help you grow green chillies at your place. What can be better than the eternal delight of seasoned homegrown chillies? It is a rewarding endeavour; you can make delicious recipes with chillies straight from your kitchen garden. One of the most flavorful and indispensable ingredients of food, they don’t need a lot of space; you can effortlessly grow them in your small kitchen garden. It is no more a herculean task. You can easily reap many chillies from a single pot. Are you curious about how to grow green chillies at home? You need not worry; you don’t need to go anywhere else. 

Health Benefits to Grow Green Chilies

Do you know the fact that green chillies not only add flavour and spice to your life but also are effective anti-oxidants? They are rich in Vitamins like A, B and C. They also possess anti-inflammatory properties and are extremely helpful in relieving the pain and swelling of bones. They are highly rich in calcium and aid in maintaining oral hygiene.

Things you will need

  • Chilli Seeds
  • Seedling Tray
  • Enriched soil
  • Shovel
  • Pots/ Containers
  • Spray bottle for liquid mulch
  • Optimal Conditions for Chillies Growth

Choosing The Right Seeds

You may start from overripe red-coloured chillies at home. Cut the tender red ones into halves and separate the seeds. Make sure to use germinated seeds. The green chillies seeds may no be used for this purpose as they are not mature for growth. Soak your seeds overnight before planting in warm water and later on leave them for drying. The seeds should be dry at the time of sowing.

Best Time To Grow

You can wait till the end of March or April for indoor sowing. Chillies are cold-sensitive; they may not thrive frost well. So you need to be extra careful while you try to grow green chillies before sowing the seeds outdoor. You will need to start a bit early as it will take 2 to 4 months to mature and produce fruits.

Soil Conditions

You will need to be careful while choosing the right type of soil. Good soil is the key to produce the desired quality of chillies. Seeds to grow green chillies don’t need as much nourishment as the other plants; you can provide it through organic potting soil. Never forget to add manure and organic fertilizers to prepare the patch well so that it can maintain moisture in the place. You may even use your kitchen debris here. It will act as natural organic fertilizer.

Right Way to Water

Chillies are quite simple plants and thus require little maintenance. They need little water as compared to other plants. To keep your growing chillies healthy, check the soil regularly. Water only when the top layer is dry or else plenty of water will destroy your plants; they will die. After sowing the seeds nice watering is essential, check the soil to ensure damping.


Avoid direct sunlight. Make sure to provide at least 6 hours of indirect light, as it is indispensable. Humid and warm environmental condition is perfect for chillies growth. The optimal temperature is 22˚C to 25˚C. If your indoor is not bright and moderately hot enough, you may use artificial sources like a heating mat and glowing light.

Starting With The Seed Tray

One quick but effective trick to germinate seeds well is to start with a seed tray. The tray will be a source of conductive environment. You candidly need to fill the tray with soil and later on spread chillies seed evenly. Sprinkle some water after adding another light layer of soil. This thin layer will prevent water from displacing the seeds. You will need to take extra care at this stage. Keep them warm and moist; they will sprout in a week.

Shifting To Containers

Once your seeds germinate, you will need to switch the tiny samplings to the pots. However, you need to be extra careful while choosing the right one. To grow the plant in full capacity size of the container is crucial. 16 to 18 inches pot is ideal. Punch many holes to allow proper drainage. Pulling the plants directly out of the soil is not recommended at all. Comparatively, use a shovel and move the plant with a root sand ball.

Maintenance Of Plants

Keep the chillies warm and sheltered. The minimum amount of light needed is 6 hours. The temperature should be not less than 15 °C while keeping pots outside. You will need to be super careful while watering. Never overwater the plants. 

Use liquid fertilizer spray when you see the plant bearing the fruits. Protect your chillies from extreme weather conditions like hail, rain or strong wind. Chillies demand a wide variety of nutrients for optimum growth. 

Pest Control

One of the most common pests of green chillies is aphids. They are cream-yellow to brown insects. You will need to check the undersides of your leaves from time to time. Spray insecticidal spray to get rid of pests if you found any.

Harvesting And Storage

After 2 to 3 months, your chillies plant will bear spicy green chillies. Wait until you are satisfied with the size of chillies. If you pull the pepper and they come out effortlessly, It is the right time to harvest. It shows that your chillies are mature and ripe. However, if you want red chillies, you will have to wait for more. The green chillies will turn red with time and will be spicier.

Protect Your Hands

The oils and secretions from the chillies have some chemicals that can irritate your skin. Wear gloves, be extra careful and wash your hands properly after plucking these. Store them in sealed bags. Conserve them in the fridge with time their texture will change.

That’s all folks about growing your green chillies at your home.


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