Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed

The Giant Schnauzer is a strong, powerful dog that is distinguished by his bearded muzzle and was intended mainly to drive animals.


The intelligent and devoted Giant Schnauzer breed enjoys having a task to complete. He views guarding his human family as his most vital responsibility as a natural guard dog.

Giant Schnauzers should engage in regular strenuous exercise due to their high level of energy.


Giant Schnauzers are imposingly huge and well-muscled, just like the other members of the working breed group. Their intelligent and attentive looks suggest a dog prepared to take on the task at hand, and their distinctive beard and eyebrows add to that impression.


12 to 15 years

Colour Collection

Either black, pepper, or salt makes up the Giant Schnauzer’s coat.

Hair fall

The Giant Schnauzer is a breed that sheds little, although they do have a thick, weather-resistant double coat that needs cleaning once a week. Additionally, the coat needs to be frequently cut or stripped.


Overall, the Giant Schnauzer breed is in good health. Breeders who are responsible conduct screenings for conditions such autoimmune thyroiditis, hip dysplasia, and eye problems.

Breed History

The Giant Schnauzer was created as a working dog to drive livestock to market in the middle of the nineteenth century. This larger breed, which was developed from the Standard Schnauzer, worked as a guard dog for farmers, shopkeepers, and innkeepers.

Giants took on new responsibilities more in keeping with their protector ancestry as European police dogs and military K-9s when livestock began to be transported to markets by train. They are esteemed in America not just as household watchdogs but also as outstanding show dogs and top-notch obedience competitors.


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