Exotic Shorthair Cat Breed

The Exotic Shorthair, also known as “the lazy man’s Persian,” has the same body type and laid-back personality as the Persian but lacks the Persian’s long coat and daily care requirements.


Exotic Shorthairs, sometimes known as the “lazy man’s Persian,” have the same body type and laid-back temperament as Persians but lack their long coats and requirement for daily care.


With one exception, Exotic Shorthairs are bred to fulfil the Persian standard. Exotics have a short, dense, plush coat in place of the lengthy Persian coat.

The Exotic breed is the only one with this coat. Their round, flat faces give them a cuddly, teddy bear appearance.


15+ years

Colour Collection

The Exotic Shorthair’s soft coat comes in a variety of colours and patterns, including white, black, blue, red, cream, chocolate, lilac, and silver.

Hair fall

The Exotic Shorthair is a shorthaired breed with a medium shedding coat that does not mat or tangle, unlike its Persian siblings. To remove stray hair, only weekly combing is necessary.


Reputable breeders take precautions to check for Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and a propensity to form calcium oxalate stones in the urinary tract in Exotic Shorthairs because these dogs can have inherited health problems.

Exotics may have respiratory issues due to their flat faces. Additionally, people with this face shape might be more sensitive to heat. It is advised to live in a cool house.

Breed History

It was not the idea to create the Exotic Shorthair breed. Breeders of American Shorthairs attempted to incorporate the Persian breed’s silver hue and green eyes into their own variety, which resulted in this lovely accident.

The offspring of their matings with Persian cats didn’t resemble American Shorthairs. Instead, they wore a short, fluffy coat while maintaining their Persian appearance.

Others used Burmese or Russian Blue cats to transfer the gene for a short coat. The Exotic Shorthair breed was developed by breeding those children with Persians again.

The only difference between the Persian and Exotic Shorthair breed standards today is the length of the coat.


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