Do you know about Scythe

The scythe is an ancient tool used in agriculture. In other words, it is a kind of hand sickle. In modern times it has been replaced by tractor heads and horses. But it is still used in many Asian countries. It was widely used for mowing grass and crops.

With its help, the farmer would stand up and cut the grass and crop from the surrounding area. It has a sharp blade at its mouth and a wooden stick for holding it firmly. It has different names and varieties around the world and was used by farmers. With the help of this tool the farmer could easily mow the grass and crop at an angle of 45 and 180 degrees.

With the help of these tools, not only was the crop harvested faster, but more area could be harvested. From the picture below you can easily understand how to operate this tool. The farmer would turn it from right to left and cut grass and crops over a large area.


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