Boxer Dog Breed

The Boxer thrives on human contact while being developed for dog fights and big game hunting. Boxers are wonderful family dogs because of their calm and protective attitude.


The Boxer breed is enthusiastic and active. He must therefore exercise every day. He can maintain his physical fitness by going on long walks, running, or playing in a secure yard.

He is a highly clever dog who enjoys solving problems and may find monotonous training to be boring. But for this strong breed, socialising and training at a young age are essential.

Although he is kind to kids and protective of them, he is leery of strangers and courageous under duress.


Boxers have a muscular frame and, when awake, a furrowed, expressive forehead.


10 to 12 years

Colour Collection

Fawn or brindle with white markings are the traditional breed colours.

Hair fall

The Boxer’s short coat sheds occasionally and requires little maintenance.


Boxers are more likely to develop a number of illnesses, such as hip dysplasia, heart problems, thyroid problems, and several malignancies. To help create a healthy breed, responsible breeders do routine screenings for these disorders.

When training a Boxer outside, keep in mind that Boxers do not perform well in intense heat or cold.

Breed History

Boxers were created in Germany in the 19th century, but their ancestors lived there as early as 2,500 BC. The breed is said to have originated from the German large-game hunter known as the Bullenbeisser who hunted bison, bear, and wild boar in the Middle Ages.

Big-game hunting was extinct by 1865, rendering the Bullenbiesser jobless. German dog enthusiasts started working on what is now known as the Boxer at that time.

The first Boxer was registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1904. After Bang Away won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in the 1950s, boxers gained popularity. Since that time, the breed has consistently ranked among the top 10 breeds in America.


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