Border Collie Dog Breed

The Border Collie is a hard-working dog who also makes an affectionate pet for busy families. He is prized for his intellect, herding instinct, and working capacity. Despite having a slight workaholic tendencies, he enjoys relaxing and cuddling after finishing a task.


Border Collies are loving, intelligent, and active.


The Border Collie is an intelligent, balanced, and tough dog.

They need a little more activity than just a simple walk around the block because they are a high-drive, high-energy breed that was developed as a herding dog. Border Collies enjoy having a job to do, but if they aren’t employed, they need to engage in strenuous exercise. An energetic person is the ideal companion for this intelligent breed.

Border Collies are simple to train and are excellent in tracking, obedience, agility, rally, and herding sports. They also take an interest in flyball and flying disc.

It’s in this energetic dog’s nature to herd anything they see, including people and other animals.


12 to 15 years

Colour Collection

Black, blue, blue merle, brindle, gold, white lilac, red, red merle, sable, sable merle, seal, and slate are just a few of the hues available for Border Collies’ coats. Additionally, they may have tan points, white patterns, or white ticks.

Hair fall

The dense, double coats of the Border Collie dog come in two variations: rough and smooth. The smooth coat is shorter and coarser, while the rough coat is medium in length and feathered. Both varieties should be brushed once to twice a week as they both shed seasonally.


Border Collies are typically a tough and healthy breed, although like all breeds, they are susceptible to various health problems.

Deafness, epilepsy, the collie eye abnormality, neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, trapped neutrophil syndrome, hip dysplasia, and progressive renal atrophy are all conditions that can affect Border Collies. Breeders who are trustworthy will check for these issues.

Breed History


The Romans’ conquest of Britain is when the history of the Border Collie began. The Romans brought their own livestock and herding dogs during this time. Long after the Roman Empire was destroyed, these hardy dogs continued to be common in Britain.

Soon after, smaller, spitz-type herders of their own kind brought by Viking raiders who had just overrun Britain. The resulting breeds were more compact and agile, making them ideal for managing livestock in the rugged, mountainous highlands of Scotland and Wales.

The Border Collie’s sweeping outruns, covert crouching and crawling, and explosive bursts of focused energy earned them the title of best herder in the world over time.


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