Black Copper Marans Chicken Breed

The Black Copper Marans is a breed of domestic chicken that first originated from a small town in the west of France. The Black Copper Marans are quite famous for the numerous characteristics that are lacked by many other chicken breeds. The area from where Marans emerged was quite a marshland so the chickens are called as marshy chicken or swamp chicken. Listed below are some of the interesting facts about the black copper Marans.

Breed Origin

There are many types of Maran chicken but the most significant of them all is ‘Black Copper Marans’. It is believed that during the early 1900s the real landrace chicken was crossed with the chicken breeds imported from Indonesia and some other local barnyard chicken. This cross resulted in the production of a new variety of domestic chicken breed, the “Marans”. From 1920s-1940 the agriculturist took a lot of steps for the modification of the Marans and thus six different kinds of Marans were formed. But after world war II, this breed of domestic chicken got almost extinct.

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The black copper Marans have an erect posture and possess a wide and strong body. The body is covered with black feathers but the feathers of the back give the brown touch to their appearance. The rooster has dark black tail feathers which can grow to a great extent. Their eggs are orange to brown. The comb or crest is red and has 4 to 5 distinct points. The ear lobes and plumes of the black copper Maran chicken must be brick red. The beak has a hook and is horn in colour. The shanks of the black copper Maran are slightly pink or slate in colour. The lower limbs (shanks) are feather-free and the chest of the male black copper Maran are black whereas, the feathers at the breast of the female black copper Maran are slightly red.


The black copper Marans were recognized as a heavy fowl by the American Poultry Association in 2011. The black copper Marans rooster weighs around 7.5-8 pounds which is about 3.5 kgs and the hen of this breed weighs around 6.5-7 pounds which is about 3kgs

Egg-laying Capacity

The black copper Marans hen is considered to be an average layer. They lay around 3-4 eggs every week which means about 160-200 eggs per year. The hens of this breed love to sit on their eggs and thus are labelled as excellent mothers for their chicks.

Egg size & colour

As we have discussed previously the black copper Marans are quite heavy and large chicken. Similarly, they lay large size eggs. All varieties of Marans chicken lay dark brown eggs but the black copper Marans are popular for the chocolaty coloured eggs they produce.


The black copper Marans are quite friendly birds. They love to roam freely in the yards and pick their food. They do not like to be cuddled. The hens of this breed are not broody. However, the rooster sometimes shows rage and appear to be angry. They are winter hardy and can tolerate harsh weathers easily but up to a certain limit. Poultry breeders show great interest in keeping this chicken breed because it produces a good amount of chicken and also a very low maintenance fowl. 


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