Bernese Mountain Dog Breed

The Bernese Mountain Dog, sometimes known as “Berner,” is a hardy working breed. Their calm, devoted demeanour toward their family contrasts with their size and strength.


When he is with his family, the serene, self-assured Berner thrives. He is a great family dog because he is loving with adults and kind to kids.

Despite not being an outdoor dog, Bernese Mountain Dogs adore going on outdoor experiences like long walks or treks to meet their requirement for moderate daily exercise. Because of the Berner’s intelligence and eagerness to please, obedience training may be simpler.


As a huge breed, the Bernese Mountain Dog was built to work. His frame is strong, but his soft features, particularly wide brown eyes, show a loving nature.


7 to 10 years

Colour Collection

Berners can be identified by the tricolour markings on their face and coat that are black, white, and rust.

Hair fall

The Berner’s long, thick coat shields him from the cold, yet it sheds all year long. During the spring shedding season, a Berner will shed more heavily. Daily brushing will help get rid of the loose hair, especially during those seasons.


Like other large breeds, Bernese Mountain Dogs are susceptible to bloat, a condition that can be fatal. Berners also run the risk of developing blood diseases, some malignancies, and dysplasias of the hip and elbow. Breeders who are responsible check for these medical issues.

Breed History

The Bernese Mountain Dog first appeared on farms in Switzerland, where he served as a protector, draught dog, and cattle drover. By the end of the 19th century, the Berner’s numbers were drastically declining despite their diligent labour and kind company after the workday.

In 1907, Professor Albert Heim founded a breed club in Switzerland to protect the Bernese Mountain Dog. By 1926, a Kansas farmer had brought the breed to the United States. The American Kennel Club (AKC) registered the first Berner in 1937 as the popularity of the breed soared.


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