Beagle Dog Breed

The Beagle is a sociable and happy family pet that was once a hunting partner for English gentlemen in the 1500s.


Beagles are loving, intelligent, and active dogs.


Beagles make excellent family dogs since they are often lovable, joyful, and companionable in addition to having an attractive face.

The Beagle is a smart pack dog who enjoys the company of both people and other dogs. They are happiest when they have company because they were actually raised to work in packs. Long-term solitude can cause a Beagle to become restless and destructive.

Despite being active, the type of exercise your Beagle needs depends depend on their age and health. You’ll get to know your dog over time and learn if they enjoy playing outside or relaxing on the couch. As renowned escape artists, keep an eye on them outside. It’s crucial to keep him on a leash when out for walks because his natural inclination is to take off after an alluring scent.

They enjoy chasing after their favourite objects, such as balls, or people since they are trackers. Teaching tricks and playing games is usually popular with this breed because they also enjoy playing.


10 to 15 years

Colour Collection

Beagles often have a black, tan, and white coat, but they can also have coats that are any of the following colours: black, tan, red, white, brown, lemon, blue, and redtick.

Hair fall

The sleek, dense double coat of the Beagle thickens in the winter and thins out in the summer. They moderately shed throughout the year as well.


Breeders who are doing their jobs properly test their beagles for diseases like hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, epilepsy, luxating patella, and eye problems.

Breed History

Even though beagles are one of the oldest canine breeds, both their name and origin are somewhat obscure. According to some academics, the word “Beagle” is derived from the Gaelic word “beag,” which means “small.” Others believe the breed was given its French name, “be’geule,” after the sound it makes when hunting.

Before 55 B.C., small pack-hounds were used in England to hunt rabbit and hare. Most English gentlemen owned Beagles as hunting partners by the 1500s. They tracked deer with larger hounds and hares with smaller hounds. The smaller variety of the breed is related to the Beagle of today.

Beagles are referred to be “foot hounds,” which means they can track without a horse and are therefore popular with people who couldn’t afford to feed and stable horses or had trouble riding.

The breed was well-liked by American rabbit hunters after being brought after the Civil War. In 1885, Beagles were first listed with the American Kennel Club.


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