American Bobtail Cat Breed

The American Bobtail is an athletic breed with traits of both dogs and bobtailed wildcats.


Despite having a somewhat untamed appearance, American Bobtails make loving companion cats who are excellent in households. They get along well with kids and other four-legged creatures because they are friendly and laid-back.
Bobtails are intelligent pets with dog-like dispositions who are confident and outgoing. They enjoy playing fetch and hide-and-seek, as well as leash walks with their owners.


The American Bobtail is very similar to a wildcat with a bobtail. She resembles a scaled-down version of that wild cat, from her markings to her alert, hunter’s stare to her short, expressive tail.


13 to 15 years

Colour Collection

Any pattern, including black, brown, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lilac, fawn, red, and cream, with or without white, is possible for the American Bobtail’s coat.

Hair fall

The American Bobtail is a breed with average shedding. Her coat, whether medium or long, simply needs to be brushed a few times a week to get rid of pet hair.


American Bobtails are a relatively robust and healthy breed, and little is understood about their genetic susceptibility to illnesses. But tailless American Bobtails are susceptible to spine issues that impair their capacity to control faeces, as well as hip dysplasia.

Breed History

The American Bobtail initially evolved via natural selection. The origins of the breed can be traced back to domestic feral cats with free-standing bobtails.
While John and Brenda Sanders were on vacation in the American southwest in the late 1960s, deliberate development of the breed got underway. They found a brown tabby kitten with a short tail while travelling and brought it home.
The couple’s domestic colour point cat, which is not pedigreed, and the kitten later mated. The unique short tail that their kittens inherited caught the interest of cat enthusiasts, who recognised the potential for a new breed of cats.
The American Bobtail breed was formally formed through selective breeding.


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